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Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio

Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio

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Rock Band Camp

October 16, 2012

In OYES Rock Band camp is for students ages 10 and up (unless they have previous experience), and they will take 3 classes per day in the following specialties:

Music Theory & Applied Theory- Key signatures, time signatures, chord construction, and scales are examples of some of the material that will be covered.

Songwriting/ Arranging Students will cover every aspect about songwriting, from lyrics to chord construction to meter and pacing.  Students will also create their own compositions to be recorded at the end of the session.

Private Lesson Each student will receive private instruction on his or her own instrument once a week for 40 minutes. 

My First Band Students will get their first experience playing in a band.

Ensembles The ensembles will explore different idioms of music such as rock, jazz band, blues, funk/hip-hop and reggae.  The repertoire of songs will be performed at the end of the session.

Music Production & Engineering Will offer students a chance to learn how to work on such programs as Garage Band and Pro Tools. 

  • 1-4pm
  • $450
  • Instructor:  Kwan Hearns

Session 4