OYES: Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio

Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio

Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio

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Our Campaign

Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio (OYES) in its first-ever COLOR OUR DOTS! fundraising campaign.

Just Say OYES! to the Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio when making your tax-deductible donations for 2012 by clicking this link ojaiyes.org/donate.

There are many donor options to choose from starting at $8.33 each month to whatever your heart desires! Help us fill up our “O” with color and bring our logo to life!  Our goal will be reached when the “O” is full.

Our Mission Statement

Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio (OYES) is a non-profit organization dedicated to challenging, inspiring, educating and entertaining children & families in the Ojai Valley through the experience of quality theatre, dance and music. We strive to support and work with our local schools, home school networks, and other organizations to enrich the lives of children of all ages.

OYES will help fill the gaps of public, private and home school education and be a core creative resource for students to thrive and be inspired.  Due to systemic budgetary constraints, drama, choir, and other fundamental music classes are being scaled back or, in some cases, eliminated.   And many home-schooled children will benefit from daytime classes in the performing arts.

We need $40,000 to help keep us fiscally strong!

Here’s how your donations will help OYES:

  • Scholarships
  • Covering production costs
  • Maintenance of the theater
  • Salary for staff members
  • Supplementing  the rent
  • Maintaining existing equipment
  • Utilities

Just Say OYES! to the Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio and bring the joy of the performing arts to our youth.

Visit us at ojaiyes.org for more information.